Green web hosting for the environment

These days, more and more web hosting companies are going “green”. That doesn’t mean these companies are experiencing motion sickness, but rather they are centering their hosting business around environmentally friendly operating policies. What types of changes are these companies making to improve the world of tomorrow? Some green web hosting companies are using renewable energy to promote environmental awareness. This is done in one of two ways:

  • The web host purchases Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) in order to offset part or all of the electricity usage from the full downloads used in their business.  This is a simple solution that doesn’t require drastic changes to the web hosts’ business infrastructure.
  • Wind, solar or geothermal energy is used to power and sustain the business operation. This can be an expensive option for a hosting company since full conversion environmentally friendly energy sources can cost a pretty penny. Plus, the full benefits of the conversion will not be realized for years due to the initial cost.

In addition to renewable energy sources, green hosting companies are making smaller changes that allow them to lessen their impact on the environment. These changes include allowing employees to work from home, switching to a paperless office, planting trees at their hosting customers’ request, and making donations to environmental non-profit groups. Web hosting companies are doing many wonderful things in an effort to go green. By choosing a green web hosting company, you’re doing your part in lessening our impact on the world.

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