Control panels for web hosting

Control Panels are a very important part of any web hosting package. They allow you to manage your site and account in many different ways. Control panels make operating a website simple and fun, even for the technically challenged.

Most control panels include the following site management tools:

  • File manager
  • Email configuration and access
  • Database management
  • Site statistics
  • FTP account administration
  • Server log access
  • Domain and subdomain management

Control panels also let you view the resource usage of your site and usually include summary information of
disk space usage and bandwidth usage. This is great info to have since you want to make sure you stay within
the limits of your hosting account’s resource allotment.

Most web hosting companies include a control panel with every hosting account, so you don’t have to worry about
finding one yourself. Also, some hosts give you a choice when it comes to what type of control panel you want

There are situations where a host will not provide control panel software. If you happen to be purchasing
an unmanaged dedicated server or unmanaged virtual private server you will have to install the control panel

If you feel overwhelmed while staring at your web hosting account’s control panel, it’s ok. Most have
a help option or users manual that will explain everything you need to know and tell you how to use each
feature properly.

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