Content Management System basics

“Content is king”. This mantra is ubiquitous on the Web today. Websites that are built around great content tend to have more return visitors and a higher level of respect than sites that are not. But how do you easily organize and create the content of a website? By using a content management system!

A content management system, or CMS for short, is a piece of software that allows site owners to easily manage the Web contents of their site. Specifically, it allows users to create and edit content as well as control how the content is distributed.

CMS’ are targeted towards non-technical users. Most require no in-depth knowledge of mark-up or programming languages and are extremely easy to use. In addition, no software needs to be installed on the users computer, as using a CMS is done through a web browser.

Plugins and addons are another great feature of content management systems. These programs interact with the content management software to create another level of interactivity on a site. For example, a plugin can allow a site owner to extend SEO value of the site, deliver the latest breaking news headlines, or allow easy bookmarking of content on popular social media sites. There are thousands of plugins for each content management system out there, so imagination is the limit when it comes to thinking of possible web site extensions.

If you’re thinking about starting a blog or website, a content management system should be an integral part of your plans. Most web hosting companies will include one with your account, so there is no reason not to start using one today!

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