Basic Web Hosting Definitions

For newcomers to the world of web hosting, the vast amount of need-to-know information can be overwhelming. There are so many terms to know and understand. Here are a few defintions to increase your knowledge of web hosting and hosting technology.

Disk Space – The amount of hard drive space on the host server. This space is used to store all code, files, databases, images and videos for your site. You generally want to future-proof your site by getting a plan with larger amounts of disk space than you need.

Bandwidth – The amount of data that can be sent to or from the host’s server measured in bytes. This term is often used interchangeably with data transfer. Data, whether it be text, images, audio or video, is requested by visitors of your site and then transferred from the server your site is on. Many hosts have a limit in place for bandwidth, which is called ‘monthly data transfer’.

RAM – Random Access Memory, commonly known as RAM, is the amount of memory on the server that your site can use. If your site or service is very resource intensive, say a video site, you are going to want a large amount of RAM. A smaller site, say a personal blog, can get by on smaller amounts of RAM.

Now that you know these basic terms, why not request a web hosting quote! It’s fast, free and there is no obligation!

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