Avoid free web hosting companies

The best things in life may be free, but great web hosting service is not one of them.

You may have seen free hosting companies in your search for a new hosting provider. Generally, the emphasis is placed on the price you will pay (nothing) rather than the account features you will receive.

Nearly all free web hosting providers will give you a limited amount of storage space and bandwidth. They will also prevent the upload and storage of certain file types, such as MP3 and MPEG. There is also no uptime guarantee with your site and you will not be able to use you own domain name as the URL.

So how do free hosting companies stay afloat? One word: advertising.

In exchange for your free hosting account, you will have advertisments placed on your site. These advertisments support your free hosting provider and give them a source of income. The advertising is not very targeted and can also be intrusive on the browsing experience (pop up and pop-under ads).

While free hosting may be great if you just want to write a small blog, it is not ideal (or even logical) to use a free
hosting account to run an online business or feature rich website. You can find many web hosting providers who have affordable prices without sacrificing performance or reliability.

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